My RUMPs Journey (Part 2)

I ordered cloth pads by Red Queen Cloth  (two heavy and one light flow pad).
I stumbled upon the facebook page and here we are. I’ll wash them a few times in readyness for my next period.



My RUMPs Journey (Part 1)

So over a year ago, i purchased a set of reusable pantyliners here. I used them on a couple of days and i’ve had them packed since then. I have used menstrual cups for almost 2 years and i love them. But i always used disposable panyliners as backup on my heavy days. I am a heavy bleeder.

So here’s the deal… I’ve never been a pad girl. I only used pads for my first period. From the second period onwards, i used tampons. I attempted to use pads a few times along the way but i could not stand sitting in a pool of my blood. And sometimes they used to burn. I just hated them.

But this last period, I decided to stop using disposables all together. So i took up a reusbale challenge. Here is how things went…

  • Day/Evening 1: reusable pantyliner, very light flow
  • Day 2: Dutchess cup, light flow. Scoon in the evening, heavy flow
  • Day 3: Super Jennie, very heavy flow. I leaked through both back up cloth by 13 hrs. I used a regular disposable pad as emergency backup until knocking off.
  • Day 4: Super jennie, medium flow.
  • Day 5: Skinco, medium flow. Small Eva Cup in the evening, light flow.
  • Day 6: Eva Cup, very light flow.
  • Day 7: Reusable pantyliner

I was almost sucessful with my challenge. If it wasnt for that super heavy emergency i had on the third day, i could have been giving myself a trophy. But now, let me discuss the cleaning of the panyliners. I couldn’t store them until the end of my period (7+ days) so i washed them every two days. I first soaked them for a few minutes and then wrang them  out until the water run clear. I then soaked them overnight in a dish filled with water. I added a bit of washing powder and some vanish stain remover solution. Next time i will try the powder, which i’ve had for a while.

I somehow look forward to my next period because i finally took the plunge and ordered a few cloth pads.

Model Lauren Wasser loses 2nd leg to toxic shock syndrome

Global News

Fashion model Lauren Wasser is recovering in hospital after having surgery to remove her left leg more than five years after a diagnosis of toxic shock syndrome (TSS).

Wasser, 29, contracted TSS in 2012, which resulted in the amputation of her right leg.

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“Thank you so much for stopping by it really meant the world,” Wasser wrote on her Instagram after posing in a picture with para-athlete and double amputee Amy Purdy following her surgery. “Thank you for showing me that life is only going to get better and that I have so much life to live.”

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My Beauty Routine Part 2 – Skin & Body Hair

So this post is second in my beauty routine series. The first was about my perfume collection. This will be about pretty much what i put on my skin from the neck down. I will share my face struggles with y’all later on.

Inside Shower Routine

So… I love taking showers. I shower twice on most days. I am paranoid about having BO. I prefer using scented soaps over shower gels & oils. I’m always on the lookout for a scented moisturising soap. I do have sensitive skin, which makes the Protex and Dettol brands too harsh for my skin. The Dove soaps on the other hand don’t lather enough for my liking. I will pretty much try everything in between. I exfoliate my skin using scrubs on dry skin and when i’m in the shower, i use exfoliating gloves.

I lather my face cloth (wash cloth) up and scrub from the top down. I normally lather a second time after rinsing. Sometimes i will use a scented shower gel but i mostly use soap. I wash my lady parts with feminine wash or unscented baby soap using just my hands. My top tips for feeling clean:

  • I scrub my ears and back of ears thoroughly
  • I then scrub my neck all around thoroughly
  • I scrub underarms with exfoliating gloves to remove all traces of deodorant
  • I scrub my feet and focus in between my toes
  • I then scrub with a pumice stone to keep my soles baby soft.

After Shower Routine

I apply my body butter as soon as possible after getting out the shower. I mix my own body butters by mixing shea butter, coconut oil, aqueous cream and lightly scented lotion. I use a bowl and a mixer in the kitchen to get it nice and creamy. When it is all mixed, I add a quite a lot of whatever perfume i feel like adding at the time. Normally it will be something i’m trying to finish. I apply this body butter starting with my feet and working my way up to my arms and neck.

I then apply Dove or Nivea stick antiperspirant deodorant under my arms and then a spray antiperspirant deodorant on my neck and chest, and then under and between my boobs. If i am wearing a dress that day, i will also spray my thighs to help with sweat.

I then spritz my perfume of choice that day on my chest, neck, inside elbows and back of knees. I’m always washing my hands so spraying my wrists just ends up being a waste.

Hair Removal

I don’t shave my arms or legs. My hairs are so light, they cant been seen without a microscope. I quit using shaving sticks and started using hair remover under my arms a few months ago. This switch reduced the itching i had when the hair started growing back and it also helped lighten my underarms. My bikini area is too sensitive for razors and no chemicals are going near my honey pot. I use electric bikini trimmers. I have a mini collection which includes a Veet Sensitive Touch , a Remington and a Philips. The only reason i have so many is because i am a product junkie. I do a dry shave before i get into the shower and i can go as smooth as i want with these. My secret to staying smooth and free of irritation is exfoliation. I scrub with a medium or hard toothbrush when i’m in the shower and this has dropped my ingrown hair count to zero.

What other tips do you guys have that you can share with me?


My Beauty Routine Part 1 – My Scents

My fragrances ranked are all total awesomeness. I found it difficult to rank them. One thing they all have in common is that i would describe them as sweet and strong. I like to smell like a snack. I am not a fragrance connoisseur but i have links for those who are.

  1. Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison – My all time favourite scent. I received my first bottle in high school as a gift 15 years ago. I cannot wear this everyday. It not that type of scent. It’s more of a make-them-remember-you-when-you-leave-the-room type of scent for special occasions. It is not currently in my stash as (I’m trying out a lighter version but my next bottle will be the original).
  2. Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle – I was about to by another bottle of my favourite and then the sales lady told me there was a limited edition in the range she thought i should try. So that is what i am doing. I like it a lot. But i only wear it on special occasions.
  3. Christian Dior Poison Girl – As you can probably tell by now, I love Dior scents. I like this scent a lot and i try to wear it to work sometimes.
  4. Givenchy Live Irresistable – newest on my list. I was smell tasting some perfumes and just had to have this one. I love it. I bought it yesterday and wore it to bed last night.
  5. Giorgio Armani Si – New on my list because a friend of mine said it was seduction in a bottle. I like it a lot. It’s what i am currently wearing.
  6. Nina Ricci Luna – My everyday scent for work. I also wear it to bed when i want to feel like a snack. A gift from a friend which i
  7. Paco Rabanne Lady Million – My other everyday scent for work. I loved the Black XS but didn’t feel like buying the same perfume twice. I like it a lot and i have been told it suits me.
  8. Victoria’s Secret Rush – The only body spray on this list. I absolutely love it. I wear it to bed sometimes. There is a possibility i could buy the perfume when i get the chance.

So a few fun facts about me:

  • I go for strong scents because love to smell myself throughout the day.
  • I switch them up because i don’t want to not smell them after some time.
  • I wear antiperspirant deodorant and perfume to bed (i’m very single and don’t share my bed with anyone)
  • I shower twice a day. My morning shower wakes me up and my evening shower relaxes me for bed.
  • I am paranoid about smelling of sweat and having BO. It’s such a deal breaker for me. I have the sense of smell of a hound, it’s both a blessing and a curse.
  • I am obsessed with hygiene routine videos on YouTube.
  • I hadn’t realised how much perfume i have until i sat down to make this list.
  • I enjoy smelling like a snack.
  • A complement on how good i smell will totally make my day.

Updated cup stash plus WIWTM September, 2017.

So that time came again… I had my last  period away from home. I went on a business trip this last week and it went well. I have a heavy period where i lose about 300 ml over 6-7 days. I lose almost half of that on my heaviest day alone.

I consider myself fortunate that i haven’t had any major problems with the fit of my cups. I have kept all my cups intact as i have a high cervix. I only get to feel it when i squat and bear down. I did however have a bad first couple of cycles with my purple small Lena. It was very uncomfortable and the ladies at Lena were nice enough to send me the sensitive version when it came out. After a few months, i gave the purple Lena another try and it has been getting better. I fell back into my junkie ways and bought a large pink Lena during a recent sale on Amazon. I got to try it this last cycle.

I carried my Super Jennie for the heavy day (medium firmness), my large pink Lena and my blue Ruby. My current cup stash:

  • 3 x Lena (Pink L, Purple S & Sensitive S)
  • 2 x Skinco (L)
  • 2 x Anigan Eva ( L & S)
  • 1 x Super Jennie (L)
  • 1 x Ruby (M)
  • 1 x Dutchess (S)

That’s a grand total of 10 cups, y’all. I need to stop there. I’m probably sorted until i hit menopause. Other stuff i’m going to take with me:

  • a mason jar and Milton tablets to sterilise my cups
  • panty liners (reusable)
  • individually wrapped femining wipes
  • feminine wash

I survived y’all. my heaviest day was the day I traveled. I used my Super Jennie that day and my large Lena the rest of the time. It felt comfortable enough that i didn’t need my Ruby which i carried as backup.

Worst Date Ever!!!

I just got home an hour ago after a date that quickly earned the “worst date” title. My previous worst date was a blind date an old high school friend (male) had set up with one of his workmates. My date turned out to be a dark, small guy with zero confidence who couldn’t hold a conversation with me. Apparently my friend thought we would be great together because we were “both short”. Needless to say, i haven’t paid attention to any relationship advice from this friend since then. That was almost 10 years ago.

And then this date today happened. I met this guy 5 years back when i was still working as a civil engineer on the processing plant of the mine i’m currently working at. I am now a mining engineer. I bumped into this guy a couple of days ago while grocery shopping. He asked if he could see me but i told him i was busy. Then yesterday, before 7 am, while i was still in bed, i got a call form a strange number. I let it ring and went back to sleep. A few hours later, he called again. I picked up and he asked to meet me. I figured a chat over a meal wouldn’t hurt. So we agreed to meet this afternoon at 4 pm.

Arrived on time. He was a few minutes late. He was just like remember from way back. hadn’t changed much. He got straight to the point. He waned to spend “foleva” [forever – for my non-Zambian readers] with me. He knew i was single because i do not wear a ring. During our conversation over a late lunch/early dinner, he made the following points:

  • he mentioned that i looked like an alcoholic who had started drinking early in the day – i was enjoying a glass of Baileys which i had craved but hadn’t tasted in about 3 years because i couldn’t find it around.
  • he mentioned that he was a Jehovah’s Witness and asked if was aware of the implications should i decide to marry him (i’m sure y’all know what i am talking about). He stressed the fact that he is a jealous boyfriend.
  • he has my LinkedIn profile picture saved as his screensaver on his desktop. Creepy or what?
  • he wanted to be introduced to my boss to make sure there was nothing between us, and to also let him know that i was becoming a married woman so that he starts respecting me as such.
  • he wants a minimum of 4 children before i turn 40. I’m 31 now so he did the math and said i needed to get pregnant soon and have 4 months after birth before having my next child if he was to have his 4 kids.
  • he discussed my hair – i have had locs for almost 2 years now. He said my hairstyle was acceptable at the moment because i was in mining, but that i should learn to change it because “a woman needs to change her hairstyle every week”…
  • he said i needed to get over my career, that my time for playing was up and that i needed to settle down as a woman. That “what goes up must eventually come down”. He could not have stressed this point any harder, i swear.

While all this was going on, he was refilling his glasses of Amarula from a bottle in his car. I stayed as polite as i could but i eventually decided i had had enough. I asked to leave.

Now i come from a family where my dad is super proud of me. He talks about his only daughter every chance he gets. Every time i meet a friend or colleague of his, I’m reminded of this fact. My dad told me he didn’t want me to depend on anyone for anything. The attitude that this “date” of mine has towards women is not something i have had to deal with.

I honestly feel discouraged… If men like this are the options i have, I’ll pass on the marriage thing. It’s hard enough to open up to somebody about my relationship fears, but to add this kind of emotional abuse to the equation is not a part of the deal i am willing to take. For now, i’ll remain happily single until i meet that special someone who will trust me, accept my freedom of choice and allow me to work until i CHOOSE to raise our children full time and return to work when the time is right.