What I wore this month (WIWTM) May, 2017

I wore three cups this month, temporarily suspending my two cup rule.


I used my small Lena sensitive and my large Skinco and Super Jennie cups.
This period was easy. It was about the same flow as last month, nothing too heavy like in March. I had no cramps.
I also used one disposable panty liner on the third day. I’m having trouble getting through my disposable panty liner stash. I do not use them on a daily basis. I don’t really use them with my cups either because I don’t leak.  I had a use for them as back up when I used tampons.
Any suggestions on what I can do with my disposable panty liners?

What I wore this month (WIWTM) April 2017

For this month, I got to try my new large, blue Super Jennie (SJ) cup. Many thanks to Red Herring for this video that helped me choose my high capacity cup.


It arrived on the third day of my period and just in time, too. I had one hell of a week at work and the capacity of this cup saved my ass. My first impression of the cup was that it was firm. For some reason, I expected a much softer cup. This cup was firmer than most of my other cups, including my medium Ruby cup which i wore on my lighter days. But i will say it is more of a medium firmness cup than a soft one.

Towards the end of day 5, i switched back to my Ruby cup because i didn’t need the capacity of the SJ. This got me thinking… I didn’t need to switch, because a menstrual cup does not need to to be filled up to be considered properly used. I felt i needed a smaller cup because i wasn’t filling up the SJ. This mindset is one that has stuck from years of using tampons and is something i am still trying to unlearn. With a menstrual cup, it doesn’t matter whether the cup is filled or not, and it can be emptied at any time, too. With tampons, i timed my bathroom visits to change my tampon at the optimum time (moist enough to be pulled out without pain but not yet leaking). With cups, i go to the bathroom whenever i need to because i only needed to empty my cup once while at work and can do it on any of my bathroom visits.

Some points for me to note:

  • I stuck with my 2 cups per cycle rule again.
  • I didn’t need any pain killers for my cramps.
  • I used my medium Ruby on my lighter flow days (1-3 & 5-7) and the SJ for the heavy flow days (3-5).
  • This last period was not as heavy as the one before. It didn’t disrupt my busy Easter weekend activities or my busy work week. I also managed to workout at the gym.
  • I must realise that i can empty my cup at any time, whether it is full or not.
  • I should probably start reviewing my cups, one blog post at a time.

What I wore this month (WIWTM) March 2017

So 9 cycles into my menstrual cup journey and I’m getting better and more experienced. Already 2 of my friends have been converted and I am working on the third one. 😉

For my last period I wore my small Lena purple and my large Skinco purple cups.


I decided to give my Lena another try after considering it a fail towards the end of last year. It wasn’t as bad, but it’s shape and those grip rings were a little irritating.

My large Skinco was comfortable as usual. I love this cup. I feel like the double pack I got for less than $10 was a bargain because they feel like good quality even though they are not from a major brand.

But my period was so heavy this month, my cup kept overflowing and I messed my sheets on my second night. I’ve only done that once before in the 18 years I’ve been menstruating. I estimate losing 300ml of blood, a little over my normal 250ml. So I decided to get a Super Jennie for those heavy days. I’m looking forward to cup number 9 😊.
I know, I know. That’s more than enough cups. I guess if I had someone who didn’t mind using a used cup, I’d give them away.

But that’s all the notes I have for my last period. Peace and love…

The Fitbit Life – My First Month

I’m a lazy bum in the gym. I know it. My friends know it, the other gym goers know it. I needed something to help me get more serious. Heck, there is even a guy who keeps my attendance on a register in his head. So i decided some wearable tech might be of help. One day in January, i joined some gym buddies on a walk around the Kansanshi Golf Estate. She has some kind of Garmin GPS watch and she shared the stats with us the next morning. I had carried my phone (Samsung Galaxy S7) with me and it automatically tracked my walk. I compared the numbers and the difference between our nearly 6.5km walk was only 100m. I was inspired and decided to get myself something to help me manage my workouts.

So i asked some work colleagues and went online. I eventually decided to get myself a Fitbit Charge 2 from Amazon on January 22nd. I collected it from the courier when i returned to Solwezi from my birthday holiday. I officially became a Fitbit community member on February 27th.

  • I’m not as active throughout the day – I barely make the 10,000 steps day Fitbit recommends. I’m more like a 6,000 steps a day kinda gal.
  • My cardio fitness was on the lower side of average
  • I barely sleep at night – I knew i was a light sleeper but dang. I averaged 4 hours a night over the last 2 weeks.
  •  I know how effective my workouts are now. I burn the highest number of calories on Mondays during my step aerobics class. My body pump classes are fat burn activities and my body combat classes are cardio activities.

With everything I’ve learnt about my health over the past month, improve my cardio fitness, balance my workouts and improve the quality of my sleep.

I’m starting to love my Fitbit Charge 2.

Vagina Glue to seal in your period blood?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you A MAN’S OPINION…
The inspiration of this blog post is a tweet by Phroetiq this morning. Here are the pictures she shared.



The link to this product’s website is here.
So it is “a natural combination of amino acids and oil in a lipstick applicator that is applied to the lips downunder during the period”.
It’s supposed to seal your lips together and keep the blood in.
I will start by saying I do agree with this man on one thing. Pads are gross, and he is calling them diapers because that’s what they essentially are. They are not comfortable and restrict what activities can be done during the period. We would all love a management option that is comfortable and causes minimal disruption to our everyday life.

Now a little bit about myself: Pads were my first form of period management. I only used them exclusively for my first 2 periods. After that, tampons came into the picture (thanks to mum who took me shopping).I kept pads as backup but used tampons exclusively through most of high-school and university. I said bye to tampons and hello to menstrual cups mid-2016.

Now to answer his question as to why us women ourselves have not come up with something this ingenious.
1. Nobody wants chemicals in or near their vagina.
2. We innovate according to our own preferences, which is why we are now seeing various versions of menstrual cups and period panties coming onto the market.
3. Some women may not want to completely ignore the blood, which is what this product proposes to do.

I don’t believe that periods themselves were sent by the devil. Cramps maybe, but not the blood.

I’m not sure if this man has any idea how delicate or sensitive the skin of the vulva is.
Lets assume this glue of his is successful is sealing my vagina. Any substance strong enough to glue my lips together could cause some severe tears if I make a wrong move. He claims urine will unstick the lips. What about other fluids like the blood itself, vaginal discharge, sweat and saliva. How intelligent is this glue of his? All these fluids have different chemical properties. Will his glue resist them all except for urine? What is the maximum length of time  for the glue to be in place?

This also sounds eerily familiar to the “meninist” who proposed we all just hold our blood in and release it when we pee. See links here and here.

But it turns out that this guy wasn’t crazy. I did read somewhere that women can be trained to clench their cervix and keep the blood in the uterus and then relax it to release the blood when needed. Apparently we have just recently lost this ability to “free bleed”. I was in shock when I read this. When I do find the article I will include the link somewhere here.

I applaud this man’s innovation but not his condescending tone. I still do not see how this method of plugging blood inside the vagina is any better than using tampons or menstrual cups.

Let me know what y’all think about this.

Letting it go

So today i finally decided to let it go. I have been holding on to this idea for a year.It was about a guy, a relationship, a future…

I met him almost 2 years ago through a mutual friend. we had dinner (the three of us) and he seemed like an interesting guy. But i didn’t want to get in the way of that bromance so i let the two of them catch up on old times. He was at uni in the US and had come for a short stay. I thought nothing of it until a few months later when he finished his degree and moved back to Zambia for good. He called… and we talked for over an hour. It felt right. I wanted to see more of him. We would text and call once in a while. As far as i knew, he was single and looking…

Then the attention stopped. After several attempts to meet up with this man in person, I’m finally giving up with the following sayings ringing in my head:

  • a man who is interested in you will make time for you
  • if he is interested in you, you will know
  • men go after what they want

Some time before last Christmas i tried to call him. He answered the phone, told me he would call me back and quickly hang up. He never did. A month later, some time this last January, i texted how it had been a long time and that i would be travelling to Lusaka for my birthday. He agreed that it would be great to catch up and see each other after a long time. My birthday came and went. I heard nothing from him. I celebrated in Mfuwe (South Luangwa National Park) and then spent a few more days on the family farm out of town. I asked him out to a meal some time this weekend (today is Saturday). He said he was busy but would see if he would be free to meet. I figured by this time that he didn’t see me as potential relationship material so my plan was to break out of the friendzone by wearing a “freakum dress”. I was planning to bring it. I guess i will never get that chance.

Saturday has come and gone. I am now home writing this after having made up my mind to move on with my life (instead of an amazing lunch/dinner where i show him how amazing i am). This is the first man i have actively tried to pursue since becoming an adult. His energy is intoxicating. I couldn’t get enough over the phone. He come from a good home. He is well educated and down to earth. He is also a man’s man, alpha male as some would call it. Filled with testosterone, just the way i like them. I wanted to make him mine. I wanted him to make me his. I have spent a year of my energy on this. After all “If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done”, right?

Wrong. This state of vulnerability is a place a hate being in. I don’t want his friendship, i have enough male friends. I don’t ever want to speak to him again. It has been a one-sided friendship with him on my mind and me not on his. I had been single on paper but occupied in energy. I had been reserving myself for nothing. No more. My energy shall now match my state of freedom. My energy will now be focused on being welcoming and showing everybody what a great person i am. I’ll spend my last few days in Lusaka burning bridges with this man. I’m sure he will find what he is looking for. It clearly isn’t me.



What I wore this month – November 2016

WIWTM from left to right…


Medium blue Ruby cup, small purple Lena and small pink Dutchess.
Positives: I had no trouble inserting except for the one time I attempted the lena cup. I had mild cramps and no clotting.
Negatives: That purple Lena was torture. It was too firm to properly grip my cup while folded during insertion. Those grip rings hurt, too.😩 I’ll attempt to use it again next month before I cut my losses and move on.
I didn’t measure my flow this month but last month it was about 250ml. Day 2 alone was 100ml. I knew I had a heavy period but I now have the numbers to prove it. Apparently the average loss is 80ml per cycle. 😅
Anyways, I think I’m semi Pro now. I’m going to give away the tampons I have left. I’m converted.